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Congratulations, you have decided to play a Warlock. If this is the first time you have played a Warlock you Brujos de catemaco gratis should find this information useful to help get you going. Here we will give an overall summary of basic Warlock play and some points on getting your Warlock on it’s excessively the higher levels A. S. A. P.

The Warlock is just like the Mage as they are both primarily spell casters. The major difference between the two is the Warlock is the master of damage over time spells, commonly known as DOT’s. The Warlock also has the widest variety of debuffs which they can use against their adversaries. But in my opinion the neatest thing that the Warlock has is the ability to summon minions to do its businesses.

Beginning with the devious imp. This little creature is very handy when starting out with a new Warlock. It does damage to your adversaries and when you get to the higher levels it can even give you the Warlock with mana. At level 10 the Warlock finds to summon the Voidwalker which not only battles for the Warlock as a good container, but also helps defend the warlock. As the Warlock advances in levels they will also be able to summon other great minions like the Succubus, Felhunter, Infernal, Doomguard and the Felguard.

Besides summoning minions the Warlock also has the capacity to briefly take control of devils in Wow and have them fight for the Warlock.

Another big selling point of the Warlocks summoning abilities is that the Warlock can summon supports. Beginning with the Felsteed originally available at level 40 but with the latest Wow update is now available at level 20. Later on (at level 40)you will be able to learn how to summon the Dreadsteed.

Some areas to consider when choosing a Warlock race:

For the Alliance:

There are only two backgrounds a Warlock may be for the alliance, human or gnome.

The humans are a overall well round race for any class, and the Warlock is no exemption. Perception helps to locate transformed adversaries and Human Spirit provides a bonus to the Warlocks Demonic Embrace and Fel Armor. Every Man for Himself is among the most appropriate feature from the human race, mostly in PVP.

The gnomes are a naturally modified race for the Warlock as they have abilities that help many Warlock necessities. With Escape Artists the gnome helps the Warlock get out of unwanted melee situations. Expansive Mind is ideal for replenishing the Warlock’s mana. Engineering Specialist is a great help to the Warlock in PVP.

For the Horde:

The blood elve’s make for a good Warlock using their natural 2% resistance to spells and their Arcane Bit-torrent is ideal for keeping the Warlocks mana up.

The orc’s have many characteristics that will benefit the Warlock. The orcs Blood Fury gives an extra bonus to the Warlocks spell damage for a 15 second period with a relatively short relax time. Hardiness is of great value to any class as it takes 15% off the duration of stuns which are employed by many

The undead race makes Will of the Forsaken(undead) available to the Warlock which is awesome in PVP among other circumstances. Also the Warlocks Life Tap works very well in conjunction with the undeads Cannibalize feature.

For the most part, the race you choose will only make any difference to the standard of your Warlock in the early to mid levels so don’t holder the human brain trying to decide the best possible race for your Warlock. See what race seems like one you would enjoy using and go with it, remember this is for fun.

Fortunately for the Warlock the imp minion can be acquired very early in the game, since level one. Be sure to get your imp as soon as possible as it will be of great help to you in questing and combat. Be sure to have your Devil Skin on and then send your imp in to fight. Then cast Immolate from long range to keep you out of harms way. Your imp will often keep your adversaries busy enough to keep your damage low, and your Devil Skin will regenerate 3 health points every 5 seconds. Keep using this strategy for a lot of the game, the minions and spells may change but the overall strategy shouldn’t. Following a few levels you will acquire Shadow Bolt and then File corruption. Even though these spells use more mana they are well worth it. But don’t forget Immolate, you may want to use it to finish off your adversaries towards the end of a battle to save mana.

After you have reached level 7 or so, you should start to think about how you want to specialize your Warlock. If you want to play primarily with a group, then concentrate on being purely a damage dealing caster and allow group act as your defense. But if you wish to play mostly solitary you will want to pay more awareness of your minions as they will be the ones that will keep the aggro off from you and handle the melee combat. The Warlock can solitary quite nicely, and is very useful in a group so no matter which way you determine to lean there will be plenty of action.

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