There’s More Than One Way To Make Money

You do not even have to be a winning player BambuQQ make money playing poker on the net. If you just manage to break even, by just using the right bonus codes when creating your poker account you can still make a profit.

How is that ? Very simple. All poker rooms offer incentives for players who make a first (and often a second or third) deposit. If you use the right bonus code, you can get as much as $1,000 bonus on your deposit. Let us say, you deposit $1,000 . The poker room will add 100% to your account, so that you will have $2,000 at your disposal. Most of the time, you will have to play a certain number of poker hands to get that bonus, and the bonus money will be paid out in smaller partial amounts as you play. But if you just manage to break even while you play, you will have made a nice $1,000 profit.

Ther is only one catch : you might lose more money playing than you are making good with the bonus payments. So even when you think you know the game, if you want to become a winning player or even turn Pro you must study poker theory.

There are many books written on the subject of poker, but it is easier and cheaper to get those informations from the internet, on websites like this poker school [].

The next problem is to choose the right online poker room. This website [] lists some of the most popular sites and gives you information about their bonus offers. In order to make sure that you get your bonus, make sure that you use the banners on the website to go to the poker room of your choice and use the poker bonus code given on the website when you create your poker account.

After creating your account, you may decide to play for play money, but using the banner with the bonus offer and the bonus code you make sure that you will be able to claim your bonus when you make a real money deposit later.

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