A Guide to Accessories for Your Pick Up Bed

When it comes to your pick up truck, taking care of your load bed and its contents is very important. There are a range of accessories that are available, which are listed below


One of the most important accessories for any pick up are bed liners or load liners. They help to keep the items in your load space safe and secure. Having a bed liner installed will make sure that you never have to replace your load bed which would be very costly! Bedliners can be made from a range of materials, from heavy duty aluminum or chequer plate, light weight plastic or durable carpet. Although you can get spray on bed liners which may help to avoid scratching your load bed, it wont protect against heavy impact from your load.

Hard Tops

Used to give all weather protection to your pickup bed, hard tops improve your vehicles stability, improve spray on bedliner efficiency, reduce external noise and provide a much higher level of security for your pick up.

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are usually made from strong heavy duty metal, they are usually used to carry ladders, timber, pipes, or anything longer than the pickup bed.

Roll Bars

Also known as sports bars, roll bars are more of a style enhancement for your pick up rather than having any real use. They are usually made from 2.5″-32 stainless steel tubing with a chrome finish. It is more common for the roll bars to be mounted on the top bed rail rather than the load bed floor.

Tonneau Covers

These covers can be made from soft vinyl which is excellent and affordable way to cover goods from adverse weather conditions or provide limited security for low value load bed contents to aluminium or cheque plate tonneaus which are a great way to provide a high level of security and protection for load bed items.

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