Universities That Made Most Self-Made Billionaires

We are living in a world dominated by capitalism, and it has changed the way we view things and look into various phenomena. In this age, most often than not, utility of a thing is taken into account and cost-benefit analysis is measured for lam bang dai hoc venture one might undertake. The principle of utility is very much acting in the everyday life where rational choices made out of the cost-benefit utilitarianism are considered significant in making any decision.

The educational institutions are no exception to this immutable law of capitalism.

Universities play a pivotal role in the formative phase of a life of an individual. Universities train students by providing those techniques and knowledge that are basic to be successful. Monetary success is regarded as a large chunk of success in anyone’s life. But huge money making is not easy as one may think; it requires some extraordinary talent, power or resilience that is not common. No doubt it is the personal extraordinary characteristics of an individual which can lead him/her to a terrific financial success, but the role of the universities in preparing or polishing the capacities of individuals in earning money that goes in million and then billions, cannot be ignored.

There are many universities that have their share in making a billionaire. According to the latest statistics, University of Pennsylvania has topped the list with the highest number of billionaires. Twenty five billionaires have gone to the University of Pennsylvania for their bachelor’s degree, more numbers than any other institution. Harvard University is next in line with Penn with the twenty two billionaires associated with it.

Twenty billionaires went to Yale University for their bachelor’s degree making it third in the list. University of Southern California has got sixteen billionaires into its lap making it the fourth university with the most self-made billionaires associated with it. Similarly Cornell University, Princeton University and Stanford University associate themselves with fourteen billionaires each. On the similar ground, twelve billionaires associate themselves with the University of California, Berkley and the University of Mumbai in India, and eleven billionaires went to London School of Economics in the United Kingdom and Lomonosov Moscow State University of Russia. Likewise, Dartmouth College, University of Michigan and University of Texas are also in the list of most self-made billionaires with the ten billionaires belonging to each.

It is noteworthy that most of the students who have ascended up the ladder to become billionaires belong to the American universities. However, some universities in the countries like Switzerland and India have also managed to enter this elite list of universities. The trend is changing as options for students are getting diverse in last decade or so and students prefer other destinations than US. It in indubitable that all of these monetarily successful individuals are self-made in getting themselves into that elitist minority of the world, but some part of their success is certainly shared by their alma mater in equipping them with the basics to furnish themselves in their respective talent and aptitude in becoming the billionaires of the world.

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