For Those Guys With Money Clip Wallets

This famous line from the classic Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart starrer, Casablanca, comes to mind when there were men fishing out their money clip wallets. They looked ready to superwallet on the world.

Don’t look now but. . .

It’s embarrassing to watch a hunk draw out a sorry looking wallet to pay a bill. This is not snobbery, but when a guy is on a date, he should think twice before stuffing his dough into a worn-out wallet. Perhaps there’s a sentimental attachment to the wallet – so it better be kept under lock and key and replaced by one of those trendy leather money clip wallets.

It’s okay for a greasy mechanic under a car to roll out a wad of banknotes to give change to a customer. But on special days like dinner out with family or a shopping with wife and kids, he better stop rolling and unrolling the paper bills each time he reaches the pay counter. Aside from being gross, it attracts a lot of unsavory attention from eagle-eyed pickpockets.

Why money clip wallets?

Leather money clip wallets are discreet and more efficient and can hold eight credit cards inside. Two more slots outside will accommodate more business cards. When you unfold the wallet, there’s a gold-toned money clip on the center of the billfold that firmly grips the bills. When it’s time to pay for groceries, guys can draw the banknotes faster than Annie Oakley.

If you can’t stand the sight of Dad, husband, brother, lover or son fiddling and rifling through the wallets for the exact denomination, then start shopping around for money clips. You can select the right style for different tastes and personalities.

If you’re worried you’ll injure their pride, time the gift-giving these holidays. Isn’t Christmas the best time? There’s a legit reason for this act of kindness at this time, you’ve nothing to worry about. For their delight, have their names embossed on the leather for the extra special touch.

Which Style Fits Best For Each Guy?

For the sports junkie, whether he is a couch player, student, or a collector of his idol’s signatures at the ballgames – there are money clips wallets that can be personalized with their favorite NFL, MLB or NCAA team. You can be sure that these money clip wallets will go wherever he goes.

For the businessman brother who is a rabid sports fan, have his money clip wallets embossed or engraved with the logos of his favorite themes. He’ll want to start a collection which he can proudly show off in his office. Beef up his collection with other knick knacks with sports logos.

For that complete touch, insert tickets to the ball games in your selected wallets. They’ll lap it up. The guy who wants something formal can have the tan clip money wallet with a tiny engraving of his name – to go with his sang-froid.

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