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If you want the madness and chaos to end in your life, it really comes down to choice. While many new age movements do promote the power of choice, positive thinking and changing beliefs, they do not directly address what the single correct choice or belief should be. In fact, they ask you to choose between many things within the ego illusion which serves to keep you stuck in the illusion. Choosing out of the illusion, and what that one choice means, is the spiritual guidance offered in A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

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In this article, we are going to compare the Laws of Chaos to the Laws of Oneness which comprise the non-dualistic approach of ACIM. Dualism is a choice between things which produces chaos. Non-dualism means no choice or belief, and thus no chaos, as Love merely “is.” Right now, you are “living” in chaos (dualism), and ACIM addresses this with a single choice to be made: correction of the mind (forgiveness).

All that ACIM asks is for your willingness to learn its principles and learn to recognize acim audio mp3. Then, it is simply the choice to hand all of them to the Holy Spirit Right Mind for correction which is the solution provided by God. Nothing is happening except the mind is split in perception between Oneness (non-dualism) and chaos (judgment, dualism).

Choose The Law of God (Love and Truth) or live in the Law of Chaos #1:

The Law of God is Love, Truth, Knowledge, Heaven, Oneness and Sameness. They all mean the same, are always the same, eternal, recognizable, and have no beginning or end. There is nothing to choose between and no separateness. Truth is Love and merely “is.”

All that is required of you is to choose Love instead of judgment. Simply correct the mind (forgiveness) and it returns to peace (Truth).

The Law of Chaos #1 is a different truth for everyone and everything because of the “tiny mad idea” of separation. Difference and specialness for the different truths are highly valued.

All that is required of you is that you live in chaos with stress, worry, anxiety, depression, addiction, separation, fear and guilt because you never know which truth is correct or where you stand. You will have to value others and things based on which version of the truth you perceive will save you.

Choose The Law of Creation or live in the Laws of Chaos #2 and #3:

The Law of Creation is that everything you create is exactly like you, remains a part of you; and, it is all loved by you because it is you. Ideas don’t leave their source (you). Same is true for God which makes you and all others (brothers) fall under His law of creation.

Attacking a brother is attacking yourself and attacking God, all of which cannot be attacked since it’s not real and violates the Law of God which is Truth. Nothing really happens so all is safe within the Law of Love (God).

All that is required of you is to choose Love instead of judgment. Simply correct the mind (forgiveness) and it returns to peace (Truth).

The Laws of Chaos #2 and #3 say the sin of separation was committed and is punishable by death. Separation is difference from God so your Will is now different from God’s Will. God is mistaken, so you fear (hate) Him and now being beyond his help, you have to attack brothers to take your variety of truths for salvation.

All that is required of you is to live in chaos, in constant fear of attack, being hurt and immense fear and guilt for having committed the sin of separation. There is no safe place for you. Your will is now a free-for-all where chaos rules; but it’s beyond God’s help, so good luck!

Choose The Laws of Heaven (Extension) or live in the Law of Chaos #4:

The Laws of Heaven and Extension are that giving and receiving are the same based on the Law of Creation; and, by extending (sharing), you are keeping in your mind what you value which is yourself (creation). In other words, sharing Love (creation) with a brother increases Love in your mind as you extending Truth (creation).

All that is required of you is to choose Love instead of judgment. Simply correct the mind (forgiveness) and it returns to peace (Truth).

The Law of Chaos #4 is that there is only value in what you take from your brother. Their loss is your gain.

All that is required of you is to take different truths for salvation before you die. Take first from a brother before a brother takes from you. Also, you better have taken the right truth or you’ll have to take more. You will be in a constant state of fear, very needy and experience lack. Anxiety and worry will be rampant and chaos will ensue.

Choose The Laws of Seeing (Mind, Purpose and Cause and Effect) or live in the Law of Chaos #5:

The Laws of Seeing, Mind and Cause and Effect are that according to the mind you use for perception (cause and seeing), you will have the corresponding effect. All laws of God, Truth, Love, Heaven, etc., are faithful to these laws of Mind because of the Law of Purpose wherein all things unite with a common purpose.

All that is required of you is to recognize this as your ticket out of the madness and chaos and to choose Love instead of judgment. Simply correct the mind (forgiveness) and it returns to peace (Truth).

The Law of Chaos #5 is that there is a substitute for love which makes the common purpose chaos and meaningless since there is no substitute for Love (Truth). Attack is how you will get this substitute “no meaning” love by taking it from a brother.

All that is required of you is to die painfully in a body for salvation. Before that, you will have to suffer immensely through the pain and pleasure of the body. You will join with others in “no meaning” pleasure; but, you will also attack (pain) and take as many “no meaning” truths as you can even if you have to kill others to get them. Please make sure you are constantly wary as others will be doing the same to you. This is chaos at its best. It uses all five (5) of the Laws of Chaos.

Law of the Kingdom:

The Law of the Kingdom is quite simple: It is the same as the Laws of Oneness. There is no separation. This is pure non-dualism.

Chaos is all brothers being fragments of the split mind based on judgments which make bodies and actions appear real and separate. Perceiving brothers through the Laws of Oneness and choosing to give up all the associated judgments of the ego is what ACIM is asking of you. That’s the one consistent choice needing to be made to end the madness and chaos.

There is nothing else going on. The ego is nothing more than judgments. It’s not real.

If it helps, pick a person or topic and write down all of your perceptions (hear, see, feel and think) on a “judgment” list. On another paper, write: “Truth.” Look back and forth at the two until you see them both, and can see that you have a choice. That’s the decision maker. Use it. Ask the Holy Spirit for an image, a sort of cosmic trash can and every time something comes up from the judgment list, put it in the trash.

Do this until you stop hearing ego judgments about a brother, and you will have a measure of peace. Keep on doing it and you’ll find the ego turns the judgments on you. However, still choosing to put those in the cosmic trash can brings a further measure of peace. Waiting out the unconscious fear and guilt is the last hurdle and they, too, go in the trash can. Correction of the mind (forgiveness) follows.

Having begun the process with judgments of your brother, they could only show your own judgments, fear and guilt about you if absolutely all the Laws of God are Truth. Now you know why the ego cherishes separation. Choosing to see (perceive) a brother as yourself ends separation and is the end of chaos.

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