“Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food” Hippocrates

Alkalizing our bodies with fresh fruits and vegetables… Nature’s healing foods

We’ve all heard the saying, “An apple a day will keep the Doctor away”, and most of us would agree that fruits and vegetables are essential to health. Daily we hear or see information that emphasizes how important fruits and vegetables are to our diets, yet most Americans are seriously lacking the number of servings recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2009 only 24.4% of US Citizens ate the recommended 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables per day! What trái cây nhập khẩu to our commonplace belief in the inherent goodness of produce?

Many experts are now even recommending between 5 and 13 servings of fruits and veggies every day to help prevent disease and illness. Frequent consumption of produce can help keep High Blood pressure, Cancer, Heart Disease, Cataracts, and many other illnesses at bay. Why are we, as a nation, so reluctant to incorporate these disease-preventing and vitality-creating substances into our lives?

Years ago our Parents and Grandparents enjoyed diets full of quality fruits and vegetables, on an everyday basis. It certainly wouldn’t have surprised anyone to even see two separate vegetables cooked with every dinner. Today, it’s a feat in itself to even find a home cooked meal! In many Third World countries, they still continue to consume fresh produce more often than they do dairy or meat products, and many of the same countries have a much lower rate of Cancers, Diabetes, and Autoimmune diseases. These facts should certainly make an inquisitive person wonder, “Why is the richest, most advanced country in the World, the United States of America, also one of the sickest countries in the World?”

One answer to that question is that our hectic and very industrialized way of living has made fresh produce and whole foods a thing of the past for many Americans. If we do take the time to add fruits and veggies to our daily intake, it is often in the form of canned foods, sugary juices, or preserved frozen varieties; which are quick and easy, but retain very little nutritional value. Most of us do know that we have to make a conscious effort to include more produce in our diets, but how many people actually understand that the quality of the fruit and vegetable is equally as important as the consumption?

One reason that fruits and vegetables are such powerful healers is that they help to Alkaline the body; or restore the body’s blood PH level to a non-acidic level. One of the primary reasons why our bodies become infested with pain, illness, and disease, is because our PH (Potential Hydrogen) systems are severely out of balance. Now, what is this PH system all about?

The PH balance of the blood stream is one of the most important biochemical balances in all of human body chemistry. Everything single system in your body is affected by your PH level!!! Your PH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. The higher the number on the scale, the more alkaline the substance, and the lower the number the more acidic the substance.

Healthy human blood normally remains around a slightly alkaline 7.3. When levels drop below this number, blood becomes more acidic and an environment of disease and illness can develop. Many researchers have concluded that “Total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH.” In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

With this information, it becomes apparent that in order to attain optimal health, we should strive to get our bodies as alkaline as possible. Now, how do we set out to do this? The historical Physician Hippocrates stated it best, “Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food”. To state it in even simpler terms, “we are what we eat”. The foods and drinks we ingest have an immediate effect on our blood PH, and consequently every metabolic function of the body is also affected.

The effect that foods and drinks have on our bodies is measured after digestion. They become either acid-forming or alkaline-forming. Many of the foods and drinks that are part of our North American diet are acid forming, and can lead to Acidosis, which is a condition that often leads to permanent cell damage. Some examples of acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods are as follows:

Alkaline forming: most fruits, green vegetables, peas, beans, lentils, spices, herbs and seasonings, and seeds and nuts. It’s certainly no coincidence that most Alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables. These foods were created to be the foundation of our diets, not the side dishes!

Acid forming: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, grains, and legumes. These choices dominate our American diets.

How raw fruits and vegetables heal and prevent illness with enzymes

While eating cooked fruits and vegetables may still provide some Alkalizing benefit, the majority of the healing power of produce exists within the enzymes that are present in raw fruits and veggies. The role of enzymes is to speed up the rate of every chemical reaction in every single cell of your body. In order for minerals, vitamins, hormones, and herbs to do their jobs, they need the assistance of enzymes to reach the intended cells in an effective manner. In fact, Enzymes are often called the “source of life”.

By ingesting raw fruits and vegetables, enzymes are present in amounts sufficient to aid in the digestion process, without depleting the body’s enzyme stores. As digestion is effectively completed, and waste eliminated, acidity is also reduced and the body moves towards Alkalinity.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in enzymes can help to increase your energy levels, as well as potentially aid weight loss, rejuvenate skin, and generally support overall health. Fruits and vegetables high in enzymes not only keep our bodies healthy and restore vitality, but they also can be very pleasing to our palates as well.

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