Fast and Easy Paint on Bed Liner

We installed a paint on bed liner on our old truck. It’s hard to believe how a cheap roll on bed liner improves the looks of an old truck. It’s not just about looks either. You get some protection for the bed and it’s not very hard to get it done. Here’s what we learned…

Tip 1: Clean to start.

Paint won’t stick to wax or spray on bedliner. Get you some automotive cleaner and use it to start. Do that before you start sanding.

Tip 2: Sand like crazy.

No fine sanding is needed. What you need is some really rough sanding. After you sand some, use a really coarse sanding pad. That’s the ticket to a really rough surface that makes that paint hold just right. So really scratch up the bed for the best results.

Tip 3: Get 1 more quart.

A full size truck bed takes at least five quarts. One gallon isn’t enough. Get more. See professional spray on liners use about 4 gallons of paint, so don’t cut corners. Get more.

Tip 4: Roll or spray.

You can spray if you want, but rolling looks just as good. The paint is thick and as it dries all the roller marks or brush marks just smooth right out. Rolling works perfectly. Even brushing the paint on leaves a great looking finish.

Tip 5: Plasti-Kote it…

On our truck we used Plasti-Kote bed liner paint. It’s held up well now for over two years. It’s good stuff. Also popular are Herculiner paint and the Dupli-Color products.

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