Horse Racing Picks and Tips for Finding Best Bets

There is no shortcut to success when it comes to horse racing handicapping. If you choose to find your own best bets you will have to learn to evaluate the horses and then make a decision of whether or not to bet on a horse 토토사이트 on the odds that are offered and the probability that you have calculated for the horse winning. There are ways to find good bets without handicapping, but you will have to rely on the opinions of others.

If you want to find those best bets then you’ll first need to find out which public handicappers really are successful. Here is a good horse racing tip. Figure out which races the public handicappers are good at handicapping and stick with those picks while ignoring the races where they have less success. For instance, let’s say that that you follow the picks of a public handicapper for a while and find out that he is good at picking winners in maiden races but not so good in open claimers.

The answer is quite simple, just bet the maidens he picks and ignore the claiming races. Perhaps you can find another handicapper who is good at picking winners in those races. Don’t be fooled by the words, “best bet.” The public handicappers may call a certain horse the best bet of the day but what they really mean is the one most likely to win of all their choices. While the real truth may be that their picks are making a profit in another kind of race but hitting at a lower frequency.

In order to keep their jobs many of the public handicappers who work for race tracks or newspapers have to handicap every race on a card. It is very difficult to make a profit if you have to handicap and bet on every race but if you can pick and choose which races you’ll play it gets easier. Be cautious and don’t bet the farm, however, because even though a ‘capper may be hot and hitting a lot of winners, he can cool down.

Just follow four or five such prognosticators and keep track of how each one is doing. You’ll soon see which ones are good and where each ones strength or weakness is. Once you’ve done that you just have to open up the newspaper or racing program to find the best bets of the day. Just remember to always stay within your budget.

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