Penis Enlargement Pump Tips For Safe Pumping!

Always be on the lookout for problems with erection or any type of damage to your penis while pumping with помпа для мужчин. At the low pressures and slow pace we will be using you should be safe. However you should be aware of the potential problems you could see which include:

Loss of erection. If your erection is suffering then you have overdone it. Take some time off and erection strength will return.

Petechia. These are small red dots that are tiny burst capillaries. Basically harmless but if you get them take a few days off and start again when they disappear.

Donuts. The skin behind the penis head has a tendency to excessively swell up in a donut-like ring and looks a little odd. Try massaging it between sets or wrap some tape or bandage material around that area before pumping to prevent the donut from forming. The donut will eventually go away as you lose your pump. Over time this donut can actually increase foreskin size or even create new foreskin-like tissue in circumcised men.

Water blisters. Caused by too much pressure, usually after the tube is packed and vacuum pressure is focused on the head. Also, pumping with water that is to hot can be a cause of blisters. Stop pumping until the blister goes away and lower the vacuum pressure you are using or use warm but not hot water to pump.

Darkening penis skin. This is a common pumping problem similar to a bruise. To help prevent it make sure you take breaks every 10 to 15 minutes and milk fresh blood to your penis. Another way to decrease darkening is to milk fresh blood to your penis while in the tube. Just grab the tube and move it up and down in short quick strokes for a few seconds. Repeat every few minutes while in the tube using pressures over 3hg.

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